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Woodward Park: The Neighborhood with Intact Patios

Woodward Park in Fresno, CaliforniaThe Woodward Park neighborhood in Fresno, CA is a quiet and peaceful area. It’s also home to intact patios that are perfect for outdoor dining or relaxing with friends. Woodward Park has easy access to Highway 99, Woodward Avenue, and Highway 41. A few blocks north of Woodward Park is Woodward Lake which offers the perfect place to go fishing or take a walk around the lake. If you’re looking for something more exciting than a stroll by the lake, then head south on Woodward Avenue where you’ll find several businesses along this stretch including coffee shops, restaurants, bars & pubs as well as grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Safeway!

What’s around Woodward Park? If you head north from the neighborhood on Woodward Avenue you’ll find businesses like coffee shops, restaurants bars & pubs as well as grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s Safeway! You can also explore nearby lakes like Woodward Lake where fishing and walking are popular activities.

Are there any restaurants in Woodward Park? Woodward Park offers a variety of restaurants to eat at with Woodward Avenue running through the neighborhood. The area is home to popular eateries like Patio 47, Woodward Pizza Company and Roddy’s Bar & Grill as well as other local favorites such as Thai Chili in Bloom!

What are some activities in Woodward Park? Woodward Park has plenty to offer for residents who enjoy outdoor activities including tennis courts and ballparks – perfect for taking the kids out on a Saturday morning. You can also explore nearby lakes like Woodward Lake which provides fishing opportunities along with walking trails that follow its shoreline all year round. On your next visit you’ll find yourself drawn to this charming city of Fresno, California neighborhood!

Is this a safe neighborhood in Fresno? Woodward Park is a safe neighborhood in Fresno. Woodward Park was built with an engaged community that takes pride in the area.

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What is the history of Woodward Park? Woodward Park was established in the 1950s by Woodward Properties. Woodward Properties, Inc., created Woodward Park with a view to it becoming Fresno’s first planned community and also one of its finest neighborhoods.

And how much do you know about the Edison neighborhood in Fresno?

Are there any famous residents from Woodward Park? Celebrities that reside in Woodward Park include Ty Pennington, Danny Glover, and Terri Garr – each have their own house on Moorewood Drive!

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