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The Shinzen Friendship Garden: A Meditation Oasis in the City

A lovely park in Fresno, CAWhat is Shinzen Friendship Garden? Shinzen Friendship Garden is a garden located in Fresno, California that has been designed to provide a place for individuals and families to relax and meditate. The Shinzen Friendship Garden provides an oasis in the bustling city of Fresno with beautiful fountains, peaceful ponds, and lush greenery. Shinzen offers many different types of meditation classes that are perfect for beginners or those who want to deepen their practice.

Who can visit the Shinzen Friendship Garden in Fresno?

Shinzen Friendship Garden is open to the public for a variety of activities. Shinzen offers meditation classes, volunteer opportunities, and community celebrations that are free and open to everyone in Fresno or surrounding areas. Shinzen’s mission is to make their garden an accessible place for individuals with all levels of interest in meditation so they can come together as a community while practicing mindfulness techniques.

Who started Shinzen Friendship Garden?

Shinzen was founded by Michael Clarkson who wanted to create a space where he could help those dealing with stress and mental illness find peace through meditation practices. When his wife tragically died from cancer, Michael knew how important it was for people around him be able to access wellness tools like yoga and mediation which helped him during this difficult time.

How should I prepare before visiting Shinzen Friendship Garden?

Shinzen has a variety of meditative opportunities for everyone, from their free Shinzen Lounge to Shinzen’s Healing Community Garden with regular guided meditation classes.

What should I expect visiting Shinzen Friendship Garden?

Shinzen is open every day and offers many programs that will meet your needs; they are happy to help you find the right path towards mindfulness!

The ShinZen Friendship Society believes in creating an inclusive space where people of all levels of interest in meditation can come together as a community while practicing mindfulness techniques.

Can I stay at Shinzen Friendship Garden for more than one day?

Shinzen offers overnight accommodations for Shinzen members. If you are not a Shinzen member and would like to stay at Shinzen, please call ahead of time so they can accommodate your needs.”

There are many wonderful benefits as someone who practices meditation throughout their day or during guided classes- it helps people be more grounded emotionally, increases self-awareness by becoming mindful of thoughts and feelings rather than just being consumed with them.

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