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Mclane: The Wonderfully Unique Neighborhood in Fresno, CA

Mclane neighborhood in Fresno, CaliforniaMclane is a neighborhood in Fresno, CA that’s unlike any other. Mclane offers all the perks of living in a suburban area – beautiful parks, friendly neighbors and safe streets – with the convenience of being close to several major highways. Mclane is also home to some of the most eclectic restaurants in Fresno County! Mclane is a family-oriented neighborhood that offers something for everyone.

To tell you more about the history of Mclane, let’s start with the Mclane Park. Mclane Park is a natural park that has been around for over 150 years and was originally known as Mclanes Rancho.

The MCLANE PARK today offers Fresno County residents many services, such as an RV campground, a 24-hour gymnasium complete with weight training equipment, basketball and tennis courts along with baseball diamonds. Some people may not know that MCLANE PARK also includes one of the few public pools in Fresno County!

There are several restaurants to explore while you’re at Mclane Park – from fast food franchises like McDonalds or Carl Jr., to ethnic eateries like Thai or Mexican cuisine. Whether it be pizza by Blaze Pizza to sushi.

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If you would like to reach Mclane by public transport, Mclane Park is on bus route M-192 that runs from the Fresno State campus to Mclane. If you’d rather not drive, Mclane can be reached by taking bus route M-192 which runs from the Fresno State campus all the way into town.

From a topography perspective Mclane in Fresno is flat, so it’s a great place to go for runners and cyclists. Mclane is also home to one of the few public pools in Fresno.

The most important buildings in Mclane are Mclane Park, Mclane Elementary School and Mclane Community Church.

Mclane also has a rich history in Fresno. Mclane’s History goes back to the 1890s when it was first settled by Bill McLain, a train engineer who named his town after himself.

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It is said that Mclanes population peaked at over 15 thousand residents but as of today Mclanes population is near 52,000 people residing there which makes for an interesting contrast with its surroundings north of Bullard Avenue where populations are soaring upwards into the 70-80th percentile range.

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