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The Unsuspecting Jewel of Edison Neighborhood

Edison neighborhood in Fresno, CAThe Edison neighborhood in Fresno, CA is a place that has been overlooked for decades. Edison’s time as an industrial hub has long passed and the area fell into disrepair. However, Edison is currently undergoing revitalization with new residential and commercial developments underway. Edison offers beautiful homes on large lots at affordable prices to those looking for a more rural lifestyle close to Fresno’s city center.

Which restaurants can you find in Edison? Edison is home to several restaurants including Edison Park’s own Edison Grill. The Edison Grill offers breakfast, lunch and dinner items all with a Southern California twist.

What are the parks in Edison? Edison has two public parks including Edison Playground which boasts over six acres of recreational space for kids who love to explore!

Who lives here? Residents living in Edison enjoy great schools close by, beautiful homes and affordable prices. You’ll also find that many residents have chosen this area because they’re looking for more green space or roomier lots than what you can find closer into Fresno’s city center.

The main borders of Edison in the city of Fresno are the Golden State Highway and the Sequoia-Kings Canyon Freeway. If you have never visited Edison before, you should! Edison is a fun, inviting neighborhood with many places to explore.

The population of Edison is mainly consisting of the following ethnicities: Hispanic (91.41%), White Non-Hispanic, and Asian (0%).

The total population size of this neighborhood is approximately 18,000 people.

The Edison area is a good place to explore because it offers many different types of neighborhoods like Edison’s Historic District. It also has beautiful gardens and parks that are perfect for anyone looking for green space or roomier lots than what you can find closer into Fresno’s city center.

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Edison neighborhood is near the heart of downtown Fresno where all the businesses are located along with other tourist attractions such as Chukchansi Arena, Save Mart Center at Fresno State University, Fulton Mall and The Big Fresno Fairgrounds. If you’re ever in town make sure to stop by this quaint little district!

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This blog post will focus on exploring Edison Neighborhood since it doesn’t seem well-known despite being just minutes away. Edison is the most southwestern part of Fresno, you will find Easton in the south and Pratton to the west of you continue to travel further out from the city center.

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