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6 Great Things to do in Fresno’s Bullard Neighborhood

BullardThe Bullard neighborhood is a great place to explore. Bullard has some of the best restaurants in Fresno, so if you’re looking for something new and different to try, Bullard is the perfect neighborhood to visit. If you are traveling with your family, Bullard also has plenty of parks that will keep everyone entertained all day long. With such a diverse selection of things to do in Bullard’s beautiful neighborhoods, it’s no wonder why this area attracts so many people from Fresno!

Which restaurants are recommended in Bullard? Bullard is home to the highest concentration of Vietnamese people, which means that there are several excellent choices for pho and banh mi sandwiches here! Just a few blocks away from Bullard is Chinatown and I recommend heading over to 101 East Olive Avenue for Dim Sum at Time Restaurant or Bullock’s Bistro on Bullocks Drive (the first driveway after turning onto Bullocks).

What parks does Bullard have? There are plenty of great parks in Bullard with lots of space to explore nature. The one park that everybody should visit before leaving town is River Park Natural Area on West Barstow Street – it may be small but this hidden gem provides an amazing view.

The most important landmarks of Bullard in Fresno are Bullard Fire Station on Bullard Avenue and Bullard Elementary School.

Bullard is Fresno’s go-to spot for authentic Vietnamese pho, banh mi sandwiches, dim sum and other Asian delicacies!

If you are wondering if Bullard is a family friendly place, Bullard has an excellent Bullard Elementary School, with many opportunities for parents and kids to get involved.

Here you can find out more about the city in general. 

Bullards is home of Bullard Market Place Shopping Center on Bullard Avenue which features a variety of stores and eateries including Whole Foods Market, Starbucks Coffee Company, Cali Burger – Fresno’s favorite locally owned burger joint!

You can find more information about Bullard at the Bullard Community Development Corporation website.

Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Fresno also serves Bullard. 

If you are considering buying a new home, Bullard has a variety of new homes for sale, Bullards is the place to be! Don’t worry if you have not visited this neighborhood yet, it has so much to offer for both children and adults alike. If you really enjoy hanging out in parks, then this neighborhood might be just for you to have a great time near downtown Fresno.


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